Official Website for VC300 Underlay for Vinyl Resilient Flooring

Frequently  Asked Questions


Q - Does VC300 contain rubber?
A- No, the VC300 contains no rubber so plasticizer migration will not occur which is a common problem with installing rubber under vinyl
Q- What type or brand of thin set do I use when gluing tile to VC300?
A- We recommend our T-700 adhesive, care must be followed with gluing to concrete slab, the concrete must be dry a calcium chloride test recommended with a 3 lb moisture content required
Q- Does the VC300 offer any leveling capabilities?
A- VC300 is a thin 3mm membrane, it will telegraph every imperfection through, so sub floor preparation is critical to insure a quality installation
Q- What's the different between the Jumpax and the VC300?
A- Jumpax is a floated dry leveling sub floor system that offers excellent acoustics and will eliminate most if not all sub floor preparation, while the VC300 is a thin 3mm membrane that is glued to the sub floor and offers good acoustics but does require sub floor preparation